Play Murka Slots Machines

Who doesn't know Solitaire Slot? There are definitely no such people! But now you don't have to go to the online casino site to play this solitaire game. It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.

Overview of Murka slot games

The era of online gambling is now in full swing and new games are constantly appearing on the gambling entertainment market. The player is becoming more and more spoiled, and the Australian providers, in turn, are finding it increasingly difficult to present something truly unique.

Nevertheless, even among modern gambling providers, their masterpieces are born and the best slot machines are celebrated, which are the ones that visitors stay at for the longest time.

That is why every third resident of Australia, especially if he is an avid player, at least once played in Scatter Slots, Scatter Hold’em Poker, everyone’s favorite and familiar Solitaire (those who once had Windows 03 will remember this legendary game), adapted for mobile devices. And of course every Australian knows the Wordelicious game. Am I right?

And do you know who is the creator of these masterpieces in unsurpassed graphics, available to absolutely everyone who has a phone «flying» on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry?

We are talking about one of the main suppliers of gaming software for online casinos in Australia — Murka!

About Murka slot games

Murka is a relatively new brand in the software industry. It was created in 2009 by Maxim Polyakov and Anton Krasny. And in 2019, the company was bought by the American investment group Blackstone Group.

The company likes to develop new products, mix game genres, and bring fresh and innovative ideas to the market. This team is recognized as the best EGR social casino operator and the most innovative E&K Gaming Company. In addition, Murka slot games has been among the best European AppAnnie companies for several years in a row.

Also, it is worth noting that in 2017, the company was recognized as the best «social casino operator» and «social games operator» at the EGR NA Awards ceremony.

The software developer himself is known for such online casino games for real money as Slots Journey, Slots Journey 2, TX Poker, S&H Casino, Vegas Slots, Royal Fortune Slots, Bubble Cadabra, and Scatter Slots.

At the same time, all the most popular Murka slots are easily installed on any device, as they are available in different programming languages.

Online games developed by the company are offered to gamers on the following platforms:

  • Download — allows to download and install the game on your smartphone;
  • Flash for playing in a mobile browser, without the need to install additional programs;
  • Quickfire for online casinos that allows you to get ultra-fast access to the game;
  • Multi for providing players with the opportunity to communicate online, organize tournaments and competitions;

Among the main advantages of Murka slots Australia are:

  • Excellent quality sound of the game;
  • Simple and intuitive interface, for easily understand the essence of the game, even for a beginner;
  • The master story of the funs;
  • Everybody can start with both machine and manual controls;
  • In funs Murka’s developers use contemporary three-dimensional graphics and bright special effects;
  • Games are presented in a wide diversity on various topics: sports, science fiction, the world of magic;
  • The capacity to select a language for a superior awareness of the game;
  • The availability of a huge number of rounds, for the passageway of which the player receives prizes;
  • Fair play with the possibility to hit the jackpot in the amount of 50.000.000 Australian dollars.

Gaming product range of Murka slots real money

Since the beginning of the company’s foundation, many legendary slot machines have been released. Their number sometimes exceeds hundreds and is constantly growing. Some of them are becoming popular among gamblers, but sometimes even slot machines with big winnings are left without proper attention. We decided to tell you about some of the best Murka slot games with a huge winning potential.

Developers of software for online casinos continue to raise the parameter of the maximum winning potential, and players, in turn, are given a lot of options to choose from.

On the one hand, making a slot in demand is the primary task of the manufacturer, as it demonstrates its competitiveness, the ability to understand what the consumer of the gambling market needs and deliver the necessary product to it. But for the player, information about the popularity of the slot machine remains important, since it is in such games that it is more interesting to spend time and-most importantly-large winnings will fall out more often. After all, everything is mathematically simple: the more people play the slot, the more money is accumulated in it, and this means that it will return more money back, according to its RTP

So, what are the most popular and popular Murka slots in Australia?

Scatter Slots

The Scatter is a special symbol on the reels of some video slots. It differs from other images in that it forms paid combinations regardless of the location on the screen. Payouts for them are usually calculated at the total bet and can sometimes be compared to the payouts for jackpots.

Murka slots Scatter is a kind of mystical social casino quest with amazing characters and epic bets.

This game combines an interesting adventure and slot machines. Here, absolutely every player is waiting for unique slot machines, a variety of game modes and even exciting tournaments in which everyone can take part. In order not to be bored, the game constantly hosts various events and the distribution of bonuses. You can play online for real or virtual money, or offline for your own pleasure. And the eye of even the most demanding user will surely be pleased with the colorful HD graphics.

The most prominent representatives of popular levels and locations in the Scatter Murka slots real money are:

  • Safari

In Safari, the Scatter starts when images of three different wild animals line up on the specified line. The scatter in this slot machine only brings x3 payouts from the amount of the last bet.

  • Bumper

This slot machine is dedicated to the superhero farmer and there are five Scatter images at once. With their help, you can grow a «wild» vine with fruits on any reel, which will play the role of a symbol and start a round of free spins. To do this, in normal spins, you need to collect all five Scatters sequentially. If you manage to do this on the middle reel, special features will be activated during the bonus spins.

  • Sultan’s

In Sultan’s, the «palace» symbol acts as a scatter.

It is not tied to the active lines, is paid at the total bet, replaces other images and triggers free spins, in which one of the symbols plays the role of an additional Scatter.

  • Dragon

In Dragon, three or more Scatters can be launched at the same time. In this case, the player is awarded free spins.

  • Slots Era

Slots Era is quite a worthy successor to the classic category of Scatter Slots, because there are 1625 levels of the game available here.

It is also worth noting that since the release of this game, it has been downloaded more than 15,000,000 times.

However, you can’t win real money or prizes in Slots Era. The game is created exclusively for entertainment purposes as a simulation of a casino game.

If we talk about the game Era Murka Slots Australia in more detail, then this is a game in the Casino genre that will be interesting not only for fans of gambling, but also for fans of traditional game mechanics on Android and iOS platforms. Here you will play in slot machines, search for treasure chests and complete various quests on the levels.

The game is quite simple, and the main game screen is presented in the form of a territory with marked locations and levels, each of which contains slot machines. And the further the player progresses, the more slots he opens for himself.

As in any other gambling game, at first the gameplay will seem easy: you will constantly win and easily advance through the levels. But remember: luck will not always accompany you! Over time, you can even go into the negative and lose much more often than you win. Be vigilant, do not forget that this is only a game, and losing is not a big deal.

At the same time, at each level you need to complete your task. It is impossible to predict in advance what specific test will fall out, because everything depends solely on chance and luck. If the player wins, then he receives a prize in the form of virtual coins, if you lose, then, accordingly, you part with your game currency.

As for the game currency, there are two of them here:

  1. Gold coins. They are needed directly for betting in slot machines.
  2. Rubies. The player will need them to complete the super game and get free spins.

In-game currency can be obtained in slots or purchased for real money in the in-game store.

To go to the in-game store, click the «Buy ” button at the top of the screen. You can buy game sets with gold coins and rubies. Each product has its own tab with offers. When paying for the purchase, you can use the benefits and lottery tickets purchased in the game. The rules for using lottery tickets are simple. You can see the four dark squares of the lottery. You need to guess in which of them the star is hidden. Guess the rows-from the bottom up. If you guessed the location of the star in the first row, and failed in the second, you are given an additional attempt.

Scatter Hold’em Poker

Murka offers its customers a high-quality Hold’em Poker game, which can be played online against real players or offline for virtual coins.

The developer offers its customers more than 40 different worlds, where absolutely everyone can test their skills in the game Hold’em Poker Scatter.

By itself, Hold’em Poker Murka slot games is one of the simplest formats of virtual poker. It features excellent graphics and simplified game rules.

The goal of the Texas Hold’em game is to use your closed cards to create the best possible combination with the community cards laid out on the game table. However, in total, the hand in Texas Hold’em consists of five cards.

In Hold’em Poker from Murka, all players are initially dealt two closed cards. This is followed by trading rounds, during which cards are dealt on the table.

In total, three card stages are played here:

  • Flop — at this stage, three common open cards are laid out on the table.
  • Turn-a fourth community card is added here.
  • River-the fifth card that completes the combination.

The virtual player’s mission is to collect their five-card hand using the top five cards out of the seven available.

If the players reach the last round, in other words, the final showdown, after the last card has been played and all bets have been placed, the only way to win the pot is to have the five-card best hand among the remaining poker players.

Solitaire Play

Solitaire by Murka is one of the most well-known variants of the Solitaire party in the world. This is a single-player party using a standard 52-card deck that is available on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

The cards here are traditionally dealt in seven columns, which are called the scoreboard. There is one card in the first column, two cards in the second, and so on to seven cards in the seventh column. The top card in each column is face up, and all the others are face down. The continuing cards lie face down in a single pile, which is called a deck or discard.

The control of the players expect entirely on the taps on the screen. Although, according to the developers, in the latest Android models, voice control is also available.

Despite the fact that according to statistics, about 89% of party in Solitaire Murka can end in a victory, be patient and do not try to immediately put the whole pot on the line. Do not rush to move the cards from the discard immediately to the base! First, check whether there is a place in the tableau. This can help you in the party!

Also, each player has hints available during the party, but you will have to pay for them with virtual coins.


Wordelicious is a brand new and unique online game from Murka slot games. If you prefer to spend your time solving puzzles, then you will definitely appreciate «Wordelicious»! Addictive gameplay and mesmerizing graphics effects — what else do you need to get started?

Unlike other word games, here the user will have to play and search for words on a three-dimensional cube, rotating it in different directions. You can do this by shaking your smartphone or by simply swiping across the screen.

To start the party, you first need to select the game mode.

During the passage of the levels, points are earned, which can be spent to get a hint and learn an unknown word. But if you use the hint too often, the points will quickly run out and you the player will have to buy hints for real money. This is the cunning plan of the party developers.

However, the party is definitely worth the money spent on it, because at the moment it is one of the most frequently downloaded or from Murka.

Where and how to download Murka slot games

As mentioned above, most of the creations of this software provider are free and do not involve playing for real money. However, to invest real money in the party to buy virtual coins, hints and simplify the passage of levels here, no one forbids.

So, there are two ways to get Murka slots Australia:

Download them via the Apple store and Google market.

Here everything is traditional and very simple:

  1. Open the app with the mobile store;
  2. In the search bar, enter the name of the party;
  3. In the resulting list, select the game from Murka;
  4. Click «Download».

And this is actually the whole process. Downloading and installing the party will only take a few minutes. If you do not plan to play for real money, then you do not need to log in to the game.

Download Murka slots real money on the official website.

In order to download any party from this manufacturer via the installation file, you will need to follow this algorithm:

  1. Go to the site developers;
  2. In the «Games» section, select your favorite entertainment;
  3. Open it;
  4. Click «Download»;
  5. In the phone’s memory, we find the received file and unpack it;
  6. Install the game and start having fun.

As for the system requirements for your device, everything is very modest here. The developers made sure that even the most «weak» phones were able to pull the games and work with all the functionality and graphics capabilities.


Thus, summing up, no one will have any doubts that Murka slot games significantly differ from the works of other party software developers.

All Murka slots real money games differ from similar games of other representatives:

  1. Simple interface. .
  2. Easy party control.
  3. The size of deposits. You can top up with quite symbolic amounts, which will not be felt on your own budget
  4. Minimum bids. Thanks to the small amount of the bet, you can play a lot of Murka slot games, which will increase the chance of winning.
  5. Slot machines in demo mode.
  6. Support service.
  7. Benefits and promotions.

In addition, Murka’s reputation and trust in the casino operator and players are also due to the fact that the company ensures maximum security and reliability of its products. It prioritizes the security of its software and games, equipping each germinator with a sophisticated encryption system for optimal protection of user data. It uses sophisticated technologies such as:

  1. AES encryption to protect sending data,
  2. DDoS protection systems to effectively stop potential attacks,
  3. SSL certificates to protect the transmission of confidential information related to credit cards or social security.

In addition, Murka regularly conducts monthly tests of its security systems. Allows third-party specialists to check their security systems and equipment every year.