Review of the Solitaire Slot Machine

Who doesn't know Solitaire Slot? There are definitely no such people! But now you don't have to go to the online casino site to play this solitaire game. It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.
⚒ Machine manufacturer:Super Lucky Casino
🃏 Type of slot machine:Card Games, Board Games, Skill Games
🎰 Number Of Reels:No
🎰 Number Of Lines:No
🎰 Scatter (Scatter Symbol):No
🎁 Bonus Game:No
ℹ Purchase of a bonus game:No
🆓 Free Spins:No
ℹ Wild Symbol:No
✌ Multiplier for Wild:No
ℹ Payout percentage:96.8%
⚠ Volatility:Low
ℹ Minimum bid:0.20 AUD
ℹ Maximum bid:8 AUD
ℹ Coins per line:1
ℹ Double Up Game:No
🎰 Automatic Game play:No

Solitaire Slot is developed by the software provider Gamevy. It is made in the genre of Maps and belongs to the category of “Mini-games” and is available for users of computers, phones and tablets on Android and iOS.

Solitaire Slot is a slot machine with a somewhat non-standard casino theme. This is a card game that everyone loves and that has made a name for itself, because absolutely everyone can play it.

Speaking of features, the solitaire families, as well as similar-structured entries, are not the ones that are surrounded by a large number of different bonuses – these games concentrate on a simple game without too many extra details and high stakes.

Rules of the game

Once the game is loaded, you will find yourself in the lobby, where Solitaire Slot provides two parameters to set: the stakes and the difficulty.

The player can choose a free demo game or a real money game. In addition, you can choose the difficulty from easy to Vegas.

When you choose the difficulty and place your bets, the game table loads and the cards are discarded.

Slot Settings
How to play
Solitaire Slot Machine

To open the instructions or lose in case the round seems like there is nothing else to solve, go to the main menu – the menu button is located in the upper right corner.

Card Games
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The rules of the game in the mobile Solitaire Slot are not much different from the version for online casinos or PC.

Solitaire Slot Play Online

The cards are dealt in seven columns, which are called the scoreboard. There is one card in the first column, two cards in the second, and so on to seven cards in the seventh column. The top card in each column is face up, and all the others are face down. The remaining cards lie face down in a single pile, which is called a deck or discard.

Solitaire Slot Machine
Solitaire Card Games

To win as a result, you must move the cards and arrange them in piles in descending order of dignity (queen to king, 9 to 10, etc.). The color of the cards must alternate (red to black/black to red).

In Solitaire Card Games, the player can move all the cards or part of one column in the scoreboard to another card. For example, 8 diamonds and all the cards under it move from 9 spades to 9 clubs.

Also, the player can move any king (and any cards attached to it) to an empty space in the tableau. The kings from the discard can be moved in the same way. You can only place the king in these places.

If you run out of moves, you can take 1 card from the discard. When you run out of cards in the discard, you can use them again any number of times.

Once you open all the cards in the scoreboard, you can quickly move all the cards to the base by clicking “Automatic Win”!

Bid options

At the very beginning of the hand, the player must place their bet and start playing. However, during the game itself, players from Australia have the opportunity to increase the amount of the bet.

In the case of an offline demo game, the starting bet will be virtual game coins. They are awarded when you first enter the game and can then be purchased daily using the Wheel of Fortune.

But if the player does not have enough coins, then they can be purchased for real money.

The starting minimum bet here is 1 AUD. In addition, you can also make a VIP bet with an amount of 100 AUD in Solitaire Slot.


In Solitaire Card Games, any strategy used brings a theoretical chance of solving solitaire in the range from 82% to 91.44%. Klondike has approximately 10 games out of 100 that are impossible to solve. However, skill games promise that the RTP will lie in the range of 114% to 128% when the solitaire is played optimally.

How to download and install Solitaire Slot

You can download the popular card game on the provider’s website or in the Google market or Apple store.

Solitaire Download

The download process is quite simple:

  1. Open the store in your smartphone or use the search on the site;
  2. Find Solitare Card Games;
  3. Download and install the mobile app;
  4. Open the game and allow it to access the files on the device.

If you play online on the Australian Casino platform, there is no need to download the game and you can play it for free.

System requirements for Android and iOS

Version of the Appv. 3.5.1
Application weight48 Мb
CompatibleAndroid 4.0 / iOS 5.0

Ways to top up your account

As mentioned above, if the player does not have enough virtual coins, then he can buy them for real money in the program itself.

To do this, you need to log in to Solitaire Slot and connect one of the payment systems:

  • Bank card
  • E-wallet
  • Mobile banking

Also, it is worth remembering that in the case of an offline game through a downloadable program, the winnings are virtual and cannot be cashed out.


Solitaire Slot is a wonderful and entertaining game not only to have fun, but also to earn a little money. The game has solid animation, providing a decent visual aesthetic, and plenty of opportunities to adjust the rules.