New gambling control technologies in Australia

Control over the gambling industry has always played an important role. What the Australians came up with in 2021 to keep everything under control, we will tell in this article.

The income of the online gambling industry will amount to one trillion Australian dollars by the end of 2021 – this is the opinion of analysts from Juniper Research.

The competition in such a rapidly developing industry will be serious: in order to stay afloat, the owners of online casinos need to be aware of the trending services of the market.

The standard ways to attract and retain players on a gambling resource remain unchanged – this is a well-known license, reliable hosting, many popular slots (Microgaming, Betsoft, Endorphina, NetEnt), bonus and jackpot systems, live games. But, in addition, there are innovations in the gambling industry, without which it is difficult for online casinos to reach the top or at least stay afloat.

The authorities of New South Wales in Australia propose to introduce mandatory use of a “gambler’s card” for all players, in order to strengthen control over the activities of gambling operators and prevent illegal gambling.

According to the authorities, these cards allow you to track all the financial flows of operators of legal gambling establishments and prevent any attempts to circumvent the law. The proposal to tighten controls appeared after several large casinos were caught laundering money.

As previously reported, Australians occupy the first place in the world in terms of average per capita spending on gambling.

At the same time, as PwC predicts, gambling and the online casino industry in Australia will develop. It is also worth paying attention to Asia, in certain parts of which gambling is legalized. One of these countries is Japan, where a state body that will deal with control in the gambling industry will start working from July. Other countries where online gambling is legalized are also attractive for investors.