The Australian authorities have approved new rules for advertising gambling games

Advertising is the engine of progress! This has been known to everyone since time immemorial. But in Australia, they believe that advertising of gambling resources has become too annoying and it needs to be urgently modified. What new advertising rules have been approved by the Australian government, we will tell you in this article.

Recently, it was reported that the Australian authorities have approved new rules for advertising gambling games. The document submitted by the BCLB organization – the Council for the Control and Licensing of Bets, clearly sets out the rules and regulations for the placement of relevant content.

Only legal gambling operators with permits from BCLB can advertise their services and products. In addition, the content must be approved by the regulator, advertising materials must be broadcast or published with the appropriate permissions.

Also, one-fifth of any advertising material should be devoted to warnings and restrictions – about liability and acceptable age standards. Plus, from 16:00 to 21:00, the demonstration of gambling and entertainment advertising is prohibited in the country.

Recall that in early June of this year, 2021, gambling was legalized in the Australian capital and taxes were set for gambling operators. NewsOfGambling also reported that on the eve of the authorities reduced and approved the amount of the tax fee on the turnover of rates. The corresponding document was signed by the head of the country.