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Horse Racing Betting and Greatest Sites for Your Needs

In all ages, horse racing betting was extremely popular among people. And this stir continues to our days. Players even make up their own strategies of betting, which go from one generation to another. Agree, it is exciting to follow the development of this sport. Though it became very well-known any place on the Earth, and India is country where horse racing betting online is one of most popular ways for players to choose from.

There are a lot of various web sites for betting on a horse race. Customers can even use a horse racing bet app for this purpose. Here we’ll define best horse racing bet sites in 2021 and find out about hottest promos from these platforms. So, let us present you our final list for your exciting horse racing betting in India:

As you can see, we explored a lot of horse racing betting sites and came to unanimous conclusion that in first place should be none other than Bet365 horse racing platform. And you may ask why this one? That’s easy: because Bet365 is fully customer-oriented horse racing bet service providing you with decent support and great deals. But let’s be consistent and get all ducks in a row.

Why Is Bet365 Best Horse Racing Betting Site?

So, why did this site catch our attention? First of all, when you enter it, there is a user-friendly interface which will make you understand platform from first seconds of your being there. Then – variety of horse races represented on this service. Literally, from all corners of world. Indian horse races are in list ‘South Africa’, by way.

Plus to these features, players can easily see which competitions are ongoing right now. Bet365 has a great live streaming service, probably one of most qualitative among other similar ones. Here you can find not only horse racing, but also football, cricket and many more different streams right from location. If you adore horse racing, Bet365 is a perfect place for your needs. Boosted odds and excellent service do all possible to make you stay as long as you can.

Although, this site is so popular that support team is usually very busy, and customers need to wait for answers to their responses for quite long. But betting on a horse race isn’t something people can do from spot. It’s better to consult with support before starting playing (of course if you don’t understand some nuances of platform). Plus, there is not such an attractive welcome benefit on Bet365. But, in comparison to convenience of this site, we can close our eyes to this single point of failure.

Choose Live Horse Racing Betting!

Live horse racing betting became popular a long time ago. To say so, first horse races, when people gathered in one place and watched them, were also a sort of live betting. But now players don’t even need to leave their homes. We can bet right from our beds, holding a cup of tea in our hands. It’s possible because of new technologies and live streaming. Streams from place of races are pretty exciting and make you feel like you’re there, on racetrack too. Isn’t it cool?

When choosing best horse racing bet online services, we couldn’t leave this aspect without our attention. In India, this kind of betting is gaining its popularity in quick succession, so we decided to pick some platforms that have a great live streaming option. Here they are:

  • Bet365
  • ComeOn
  • 888Sport
  • IO

It’s not a top, just a list of best ones. They all have really excellent live streams of great quality and perfect broadcasting with no bugs and interruptions. It’s exactly what we described above: these horse racing betting sites create atmosphere of being there, on racecourse at this very moment. And know what? streams are completely free! Connoisseurs are gladly welcome to enjoy races and do horse racing betting on best platforms of 2021!

Pieces of Advice: How to Live Bet Greatly

Have already chosen site to bet on? Excellent! You’re almost done with your wages, it is left to get to know all tricks and eventually make your betting on a horse race. All existing players have their own strategies when it comes to horse racing betting. Although, it is very difficult to estimate all possible combinations and bet on right horse. Especially if there is a large event like World Cup. But there are some tips and tricks which will help you with that:

  • Find out in detail about racetrack where competition is planned. It is extremely important to know everything directly about route itself: presence of obstacles, location and other important details. Analyze all information about racetrack and take into account all details about it.
  • One of most essential preparations before horse racing betting is to get to know as much data as possible about horses that will take part in competition. Find out about how long their training was, how old they are and all other necessary things like that. Plus, browse information about rider and coach – it will never be redundant.
  • Besides checking racetrack in general, see what weather will be like on day of competition. Maybe ground will be soaked or wind will be blowing hard – consider all smallest issues before betting on a horse race.
  • Be wiser – come earlier than others. It’s always better safe than sorry, so come 20 minutes before competition and assess situation. Decide what bets you’re going to make in advance.

Latest Extras from Horse Racing Bet Sites

Who doesn’t like promos? We suppose there are no such people who would reject a great deal, especially when it relates to horse racing betting. We gathered all hottest promos of 2021 and are ready to present them to you. All sites we mention here are with license and fully legal:

  1. Bet365 – Welcome benefit of 100% (up to ₹4,000 for your bet credits)
  2. BETWAY – Welcome benefit of 100% (up to ₹8,000)
  3. 888Sport – Get $30 for $10 on your bets
  4. ComeOn – Welcome benefit of 100% (up to ₹10,000)
  5. Funbet – Welcome benefit of 50% (up to ₹4,000)
  6. Casumo – Get $10 for $10 on your bets
  7. 22Bet – Welcome benefit of 100% on your first deposit

Claim these offers and enjoy your perfect playing on horse racing bet sites!


What’s way to start betting on a horse race?

We recommend you to start betting with one of horse racing betting sites we mentioned above. Especially with Bet365 platform. It has a user-friendly interface and provides help for all new customers.

What to do to get my winnings for horse racing betting?

To win in a horse race, you should, first of all, deeply analyse information about racetrack, horse and weather conditions. Don’t bet your money on horse you hear about for first time, gather all data first.

Is it legal to bet on horse races in India?

Yes, sure, horse racing betting online is completely under law in India. As long as this kind of betting is based on analysis, instead of some higher powers, horse betting is legal.

Is it possible to make my bets on horse races live?

Of course! We mentioned 5 greatest sites above for this purpose. We highly suggest you to try this kind of betting at least once, because it’s a really exciting and thrilling experience even for most mature players.

On which sites I can find live streams of horse races?

There are plenty of horse racing bet sites which provide live streams for their players. We pointed out 5 of them – best ones to our mind: BETWAY, Bet365, ComeOn, 888Sport and Sportsbet.IO.

Do all sites accept Indian Rupees for bets?

Mostly, yes, but there are some of them, which don’t. Before starting playing, read all Terms and Conditions of particular horse racing betting site thoroughly and make sure they accept Rupees to be deposited.

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