FanDuel Review

After the New Jersey law allowed sports betting, the market quickly filled up. Less than a year later, ten bookmakers announced their intentions. But even against this background, the bookmaker FanDuel stands out. This name was well known among fans of fantasy sports. And after the ban on gambling in sports was lifted in the United States in 2018, FanDuel immediately became one of the leaders in this market.

About the company

FanDuel betting company was founded in 2009. It is currently one of the world’s largest venues daily fantasy sports. The platform offers fantasy competitions in most of the famous sports leagues in the United States. Over the past decade, more than 4.5 billion winning dollars have been paid out. It is thanks to the bookmaker FanDuel that users from North America were able to engage in their favorite hobby online.

Initially, the site was developed only in the United States and Canada, but not so long Ago, FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles said that it’s time to move to new markets and contribute to the global spread of DFS. For this purpose, an application was submitted to British gambling license that allows you to conduct fantasy tournaments on real money. A headquarters in Edinburgh was prepared for British employees.

In 2018, bookmaker also launched an online Sportsbook that reviews bets on most major U.S. sports leagues. Sportsbook is very impressive, with an extremely large number of reference bets available each competition.

So, why is FanDuel the best option daily fantasy sports or online betting? Let’s take a closer look at this platform to find out.

Review of the official website

FanDuel is literally a Paradise for fantasy sports players.

The site is very convenient for customers. It offers various game formats and huge prize funds that you won’t find in other fantasy sports providers. The user base of bookmaker is simply out of competition, and every customer is guaranteed to always be able to find interesting competitions on this site.

The site is very simple, high-quality, very easy to navigate, and at the same time it is filled with various functions. New players will love this site, because it is easy to understand, and you quickly get used to it.

The lobby of the project is designed in a modern style. The interface is convenient:

  • The Central part contains a list of tournaments,
  • On the left-sports menu,
  • Top – the most “hot” news and offers.

Fanduel Fantasy Sports

FanDuel ‘s League offerings for daily fantasy sports are noticeably limited compared to Sportsbook.

FanDuel offers games related to all major sports, including:

  • NFL (national football League);
  • NBA (national basketball Association);
  • MLB (Major League baseball);
  • NHL (national hockey League);

This fully covers all of the most popular us leagues.

For various types of games, FanDuel ‘s fantasy sports software can offer a variety of cash game formats including:

  • face-to-face meetings;
  • 50/50;
  • the main event.

In addition, each player can create private games by inviting their friends to participate in them.

The choice of games for cash from fantasy sports provider is really very large, and the number of guaranteed prize funds offered is simply outstanding. Entry fees participating in tournaments range from$ 1 to$ 1000 or more. These major competitions can include tens of thousands of participants.

Several different leagues and games are available on the platform.

  • For novice players, fantasy bookmaker offers a category where only users below a certain threshold are allowed to play. This gives newcomers a real opportunity to explore the platform in a friendly environment where most tournaments do not have an entry fee.
  • For more advanced players, competition types include tournaments, individual competitions, and multi-player leagues 3-100 players.

From time to time, FanDuel also experiments with some unusual competition formats. For example, the platform had the 2019 MLB challenge and the faceless NBA fantasy League in the 2019-20 NBA season. These competitions are a good option for those who want to try something different from the traditional fantasy League.

Personal meeting

This feature was added to the fantasy sports software in December 2013 and is a new trend among typical matches in the form of face-to-face meetings.

Instead of the prevailing fantasy sports icons, the “face-to-face” format consists of a group of 20 small competitions that take place within a single registration.

For example, if you pay 25$, you can play with twenty opponents in a competition where the prize structure accurately reflects the payouts you would receive if you played with each of these twenty players individually 1.25$ per competition.

This feature is available to all sports (when making a Deposit from 1$ to 536$) and is a great way to diversify the gameplay using cash.

One of the unique aspects of how approaches fantasy is that every fantasy game, regardless of the sport, has a prize pool of 60,000$. This consistency is the main attraction to the platform, as users have a pretty good idea of what to expect from participating in various tournaments.

Top FanDuel tournaments section

In this section, each user can find out which tournaments are currently considered the largest, and take part in them.

For example, at the moment the prize pool in the largest tournament is 1.200.000$, and the entry fee is 25$.

The following tournament formats are available on the website:

  • «GPP» (short for Guaranteed Prize Pool or Guaranteed Tournament)

As the name suggests, this type of tournament implies a fixed prize pool in advance, the amount of which does not depend on the number of participants.

  • «2U» or «Double-Up»

 This tournament is won by the top 50% of participants. The prize amount is fixed.

  • «3U» or «Triple-Up»

In this type of tournament wins the top 30% of participants. The prize amount is also fixed.

  • «4U» or «Quadruple-Up»

In this tournament, a quarter of the players win. The prize pool is fixed.

  • «Multipliers»

By participating in this tournament, each player can increase their bet by 5 or 10 times.

  • «Head to Heads»

Two players participate in this tournament, the best player wins and takes all the winnings.

  • «Qualifiers» or «Satellite»

This is a type of tournament that does not provide cash prizes in itself, but gives winners a free or more profitable opportunity to participate in paid tournaments.

Accrual of points and formation of teams ‘ lineups

FanDuel ‘s scoring and team line-up settings are very convenient for beginners in such a field as fantasy sports. Compared to other DFS (daily fantasy sports) gambling sites, the scoring system on fantasy bookmaker is simpler and not overloaded with statistical categories. On the contrary, the provider of fantasy sports pays attention only to the statistics that may interest the average Amateur player, creating a system scoring points that is extremely easy to understand, track and calculate, accessible even to novice users.

The composition of a team, for example, in Major League baseball is fairly standard and reflects the starting lineup that exists in real life, so more players are already familiar with the order of its formation.

Players may or may not like the single-pitcher (pitcher) format, but it is quite effective and allows you to select a pitcher within each of the matches and, accordingly, change them later.

Responsible gambling

FanDuel takes seriously the responsibility of its users during games. That is why the bookmaker has developed a number of features that will help you not spend more time and money than the player can afford.

  • “Reality Monitoring” function

This feature regularly sends notifications with information about how long you have been playing, how much you have won, lost, and bet during this time. Users have the ability to adjust the frequency of these notifications 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

  • Deposit limit

The limit allows you to control how much money you can Deposit over a period of 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. When the player reaches their limit, they will not be able to top up their Deposit.

  • Account blocking

This feature allows you to block access to a specific product for 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

The principle of this limit is simple: if, for example, you have blocked access to live-games, you will not be able to play until the blocking period expires.

Fanduel ‘s Sportsbook

The Sportsbook FanDuel platform offers:

  • hockey,
  • basketball,
  • American football,
  • baseball,
  • golf.

Since the site is now entirely American, fans of European football will not be able to play DFS-socker on the site yet.

Daily fantasy stands out for offering innovative competitions that go beyond traditional fantasy sports. Meanwhile, the Sportsbook offers an incredibly large range of bets to each game and makes it easy to set up Pars. The user interfaces for both branches of FanDuel are very well designed, which makes the platform even more attractive.

The FanDuel Sportsbook contains most of the major American leagues, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, and many others. The company is also expanding into leagues that are more popular abroad, and now includes betting on cricket, Rugby, Golf, UPL and UEFA football leagues.

What really sets the FanDuel Sportsbook apart is its user interface. This is one of the most attractive and friendly online betting platforms you could ever see.

The main page contains upcoming matches that attract the most attention of players and motivate them to bet on the outcome. Custom bets are superimposed on the same window, so the player can view their current bets, make changes, and configure all bets when viewing the list of available bets.

The range of available bids is also huge. There are more than 50 different bets to choose from for a single NBA game. The FanDuel Sportsbook user can place bets on individual players or the results of certain quarters, as well as set up custom bets or round-Robin bets in their bet.

The only drawback of Sportsbook is the lack of statistics on teams and players, not to mention statistics related to specific bets.

FanDuel bonus programs

Bookmaker is currently the largest DFS site in the world-more than 1,000,000 people regularly play on the platform. In this regard, FanDuel has sufficient financial resources to keep the level of services provided up to date, introduce new features and allow fans to win big prizes.

Playing on The FanDuel platform, you can be absolutely sure that you have joined one of the best and oldest DFS sites.

  • Bonus on first deposit

Immediately after registration, a page opens with an offer to make a Deposit. The larger the Deposit amount, the bigger the bonus.

Winnings received in the tournament using the bonus are automatically credited to your account.

  • Welcome bonus

The bookmaker offers new clients a welcome bonus (risk-free bet) up to $500. After the player registers and makes the first bet, in case of loss, the company will refund 100% of the funds.

The minimum amount of the first Deposit must be at least $10. Everything happens automatically and it is almost impossible to find a more attractive offer.

  • Pick’Em Prop

This is a bonus with a daily prize pool of $10,000. The bookmaker offers questions, and players who correctly answer all of them are entitled to the main prize. If there are no winners, then the 10,000 goes to the next day, increasing the prize pool

  • FanDuel Pending Bonus

New users get up to $ 1000 back in site credit if you lose your first bid! (Refund within 72 hours).

FanDuel Promotions

FanDuel really tries to surprise its customers and offers many special promotions.

  • NBA Risk-Free SGP

Place the same Parlay™ game at the NBA playoff game on September 6. If you don’t win, we will refund your bet up to $ 10 in site credit.

  • Bet and Get Gridiron Bonus

Place$ 20 in pre-game 3+ leg Same Game Parlay on Thursday night and get a $ 100 bonus on site credit, regardless of whether your parlay wins or loses!

  • Football Double-Up

Make a pre-game NFL moneyline bet and get a double win if your team scores 35 or more points (maximum $50).

  • NFL Gridiron Pick’em

Play for free every week! Just choose the winners of the week’s matches correctly and you’ll take home your share of the $ 5,000 Grand prize.

  • FanDuel Tennis Tournament

Register and participate in the FanDuel tennis tournament to compete with other players for a share of the $ 20,000 prize pool.

  • Multi Sport Parlay Insurance CO

Place a $ 5 bet in any sport. If the bet is played 9 out of 10 times, the player gets back up to $25.

Referral program

Each player can earn extra income if they invite their friend or friends to FanDuel. After each completed tournament in which an invited friend participated, You will receive a certain percentage of their income.

Opportunity to win FDP

Every time a player visits the site, they have the opportunity to get FDP, which can be used by joining various paid tournaments or exchange them for free help in the FanDuel Market.


As noted above, only citizens from the United States and Canada are currently allowed to register on FanDuel . Despite this, almost everyone has the opportunity to do this and get acquainted with the site – but you will not be able to play, top up your Deposit and participate in tournaments.

For FanDuel login on the site, click on the “Join now” button and go to the registration form. You need to fill in 4 fields:

  • “Full name”
  • “Email address”
  • “Username”
  • “Password” (the password must contain at least 8 characters)

After that, click on “Play now”.

If You have a FanDuel promo code, enter it in the field that appears after clicking on ” Got a Promo code or referral username?”.


Only completely summer citizens of the USA and Canada can play on FanDuel .

Deposit and Withdrawal

Before you start conducting financial transactions, you must fill in your personal information in the appropriate section of your profile. You can enter and withdraw funds via:

  • Cash on hand
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Prepaid Card+
  • PayPal
  • Internet-banking
  • Cheque
  • Bank transfer


The Deposit methods vary from state to state. Only PayPal is the same for all States.

In addition, if you plan to top up your account with a Bank card, the card must be issued either in the United States or Canada. Otherwise, your account will be blocked and your account will be frozen.

The minimum amount to top up the Deposit of the loyavseason comp is $10.

Before withdrawing funds, make sure that all the required information is filled in and submit a withdrawal request. The speed of processing the request depends not only on the work of the site’s employees, but also on the payment system. Usually, the client receives the requested amount within 7-10 days.

FanDuel Mobile App

Bookmaker FanDuel offers its users two versions of the Mobile App to Android, iOS and Windows phone:

  • Fanduel Fantasy Sport Mobile App;

The FanDuel Fantasy Sport app greatly simplifies the display by giving the user a choice of sports immediately after logging in. From there, you can easily view or search for sports events. Most tournaments are classified by competition type or start time, to ease of searching.

  • FanDuel Sportsbook Mobile App;

The Fanduel Sportsbook App looks almost exactly like a desktop client. The main change is that your betslip is displayed on a separate screen, which can be accessed from a simple menu at the bottom of the app. Otherwise, it is still very easy to find reference bets and set up a bet.

The app also offers the following features:

  • Deposit and Withdrawal;
  • Online transaction;
  • Promotions;
  • Support;

Currently, apps are not available in the Play Market, Apple Store, or Windows store. You can only download it from the official website of the bookmaker FanDuel

 The download steps are identical for all three operating systems:

  1. Go to our app installation page and click “Install app”


You may be prompted a security message before starting the download. Don’t worry, The Fanduel Sportsbook App and FanDuel Fantasy Sport are safe and won’t harm your device!

  • After the download is complete, open the installation file
  • Pull down the notification bar at the top of the screen and tap FanDuel Sports. apk to install
  • Allow Installation Of Unknown Applications
  • Install The FanDuel Sportsbook app and start betting!

System requirements

For Android

The FanDuel App is compatible with Android 7.0 or later. This requires Internet connection and a resolution of 320×480 and 25 mb of free memory.

For iOS

FanDuel App for iOS is available for iPhone 7 and later versions of Apple model. In addition, you must have at least 25mb of free memory. The App also supports all world languages.

For Windows

The FanDuel App for Windows compatible with Windows Phone 7 or later. The App works exclusively in English.

FanDuel Support service

FanDuel betting company is an example of how a customer service system should work in the world of fantasy sports.

Previously, the provider provided support by phone, chat, and email. However, as the site has developed, there have been reductions, and now you can get help from a specialist:

  • Via email

Each user can write a question, describe a problem, or make several suggestions for improving the service the response time is up to 30 minutes.

  • Via hotline

The gambling establishment hotline is available to players around the clock. The line is not closed for lunch breaks, weekends, or holidays. If you have any problems, you can call the technical support service at the phone number listed on the official website.

  • Via Twitter and blog

FanDuel employees are active, posting posts on forums, asking feedback, and testing and implementing additional game features.

Obviously, bookmaker is not afraid to try something new, if it believes that it will be interesting to players. Customer support is always available in feedback mode, and everyone is guaranteed to get a quick and professional response to any questions or comments you may have

Also, the “Support” section contains several dozen articles with detailed answers to frequently asked questions. They cover topics related to:

  • Funds input / output,
  • Getting a bonus or promo code,
  • Account management,
  • Participation in tournaments and their creation,
  • Tournament rules
  • Fantasy points system (FP)

In addition, the “How it works” section contains detailed text and video instructions with a step-by-step guide to choosing a sport, assembling a team, and participating in tournaments.


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