Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the new MLS players?

Without a doubt, we can say that MLS is the most progressive football league in the world at the moment. At the same time, it continues to delight its fans with unexpected acquisitions. Who will become the new player of the team, you will find out in our article.

MLS definitely breaks all records in terms of growth, media coverage and recognition in the world, but it is still difficult to compete with the European top leagues that have developed over the course of a century.

It begs the question, what can help American football make a leap on an even bigger scale than the one that occurred after the arrival of David Beckham? The answer is simple-the transfer to the league of the two best players in the history of the most beloved game for us.

Just the other day, David Beckham, the owner of Inter Miami, again hinted at the invitation of Cristiano Ronaldo, the legend of “Manchester United “, “Real Madrid” and “Juventus”, the man who scored the most goals in the history of football.

And besides, Lionel Messi, the winner of the “Golden Boot”, the best, according to many experts, football player in history, the legend of Catalan Barcelona in his project “Inter Miami”.

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David Beckham has repeatedly stated his desire to bring together the two main stars of world football at his club, which has given rise to countless transfer rumors.

Agree, it sounds very unrealistic, naive, and, at least, implausible. David Beckham, of course, is a superstar, but to unite under the auspices of the club two of the most important opponents in the history of world football, you need to offer them something extraordinary.

Back in 2015, Cristiano, being at the peak of his form and speaking in “Real Madrid”, announced his desire to play in the MLS.

The Portuguese is the type of person who needs to cope with all possible challenges, to do the impossible, to prove to the whole world that he is the best. He has written his name in the history of European football, it is time to conquer new heights, becoming a leader in the development of American football.

Just the other day, “Juventus” also announced that the team is not able to pay Ronaldo € 60,000,000 per year. Cristiano’s contract with the club ends in 2022, so it is likely that “Juventus” will be ready to part with the main star this summer.

The Portuguese is now 36 years old, he is in excellent physical shape, his physiological age as a result of the incredible amount of training and professionalism of the player is only about 25 years old. Cristiano, as a bio-robot, continues to churn out goals one by one and bring great results to his new team.

Of course, there are many arguments against the transition of Messi and Ronaldo to the MLS. To begin with, Inter Miami already has 2 special players with an increased salary in the application: these are Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Mathudi, and according to the rules of the league, such players cannot be more than 3. The expansion of such an application may cause discontent among other clubs. Then, both Messi and Ronaldo were caught in Spain for non-payment of taxes for huge sums, the recurrence of such violations in the United States will lead to radically more severe consequences.

But anyway, the transition of the two “aliens” to the new world in the short term is not something impossible.

MLS managers are well aware of the enormous amount of money that will bring Messi and Ronaldo to the league, so they will easily take them outside the “designated player” rule.

America is waiting for its heroes!

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