Are Australians on the hook of casinos?

The habit is formed within twenty-one days. But how many days can an addiction develop? And, especially, gambling addiction. In this article, we will tell you in detail about ludomania and how to deal with it.

According to statistics from the analytical company BREUGEL, Australia is one of the five countries with the most actively developing gambling market. This includes not only the fascination of Australians with online slots (“pokies”), but also sports betting, which is popular here. And where there is excitement, there is also dependence on games, or, scientifically speaking, “ludomania”.

So, what is ludomania and how can you cope with it?

Ludomania — all these are the names of a serious psychological disease, expressed in a pathological dependence on gambling. The consequences of this pathology are a significant overestimation and reduction of personal, material, professional and social values.

A person who is dependent on games for money does not know how or loses the ability to properly allocate his capital. He transfers all emerging finances to bookmakers and casinos. After that, he tries to borrow money from relatives and friends, sometimes even “earn” them by criminal means.

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Many betting companies in Australia sign the fight against ludomania in their company charter, thus preventing its development and spread. But let’s be frank with each other: whoever wants to play and spend their money will do it despite any prohibitions or warnings.

At the same time, according to the same data of the analytical company BREUGEL, ludomania has no age and gender. Therefore, if you thought that gambling addiction is the lot of “young and green” players, that you are very much mistaken!

Absolutely everyone can become addicted to gambling: from teenagers (although many offices introduce an age limit from 18 years), then adults and the elderly. The chances of developing a gambling addiction are equal for everyone.

Summing up, I would like to give a little advice: play if it brings you pleasure, but be careful, because at any moment the game can turn against you.

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