Australians are the world leaders in gambling spending

As long as you play for fun, and do not spend a penny on a hobby, Australians confidently occupy the first place in the world in spending on gambling. Do you want to know more details? Then read the article carefully.

Australians are the leaders in the average per capita spending on gambling: they spend more than 18,000.000.000 Australian dollars per year, on average, $ 965 per person.

The most popular direction is iGaming.

iGaming is a generalized gambling direction that covers only online entertainment. The concept includes virtual casino gambling and poker in online poker rooms.

Here you can also include:

  • Fantasy sports;
  • Binary Options Trading;
  • Digital Coins;
  • Accepting bets on the network.

Singapore is in second place, although all spending in casinos is considered domestic, in fact, most of the players are tourists from Indonesia and Malaysia, where gambling is prohibited.

Ireland closes the top three, where almost $ 3 billion is spent annually on gambling, and on average $ 604 per person. In Ireland, online betting is the most developed, with a share of 65% in the total volume.

In total, the most money is spent on gambling in the United States — dollars a year, but according to the average per capita indicator, Americans are in fifth place.

Earlier, the Australian government restricted gambling advertising on television, stating that the content must first receive regulatory approval, and advertising materials must be broadcast or published with appropriate permits.

In addition, the demonstration of gambling and entertainment advertising is prohibited in the country from 16:00 to 21:00.