How much does gambling cost in Australia?

The question “How much does this or that thing cost” is relevant in all ages. But how much does it cost to run a legal gambling business in Australia? We are ready to answer your question in this article.

In Australia, the number of competitive IT and gambling products is growing every year. As examples of serious projects, we can cite the campaigns of Sportingbet, William Hill, UniBet, SportsBet, and CentreBet that are actively developing on the continent. All these are million-dollar companies that are known not only on the continent, but also all over the world.

At the same time, each of them has its own mobile application, which automatically adds popularity points.

As for the legality of each of the offices, back in the summer of 2017, the Australian government allowed the legalization of gambling operators, lottery organizers and bookmakers. Amendments to the country’s law completely lifted the ban on paid entertainment, established more than 10 years ago.

At the same time, the cost of a License from the Gaming Commission of Australia depends directly on the type of activity of the office.

For example, to offer customers sports betting on the Internet, the office will have to pay 18,000,000 Australian dollars.

Online Poker — 3,000,000 Australian Dollars. At the same time, it is prohibited to force persons under the age of majority to participate in gambling, to provide winnings with products that need additional licensing — alcohol, tobacco products, other items and goods.

The opening of a virtual casino in Australia will cost 9,000,000 Australian dollars. It is also impossible to conduct gambling games that have the signs of a lottery, offer online poker and conduct online tournaments on it. Paid entertainment allowed for the organization is slots, dice, roulette, card games.

The validity period of any type of permit is 5 years. The document must be extended annually. All payments with guests are made only in dollars. The conversion of winnings into another currency is possible only with the consent of the client.

According to experts, in 2021, business licensing will give the “treasury” a profit of approximately 7,500,000,000 Australian dollars. This is such a profitable “flow of finance” for the state thanks to the active development of gambling in Australia