The Richest Casino Players: How did they become millionaires and how much did they win

They managed to beat even the most skilled dealers and forever enter the history of casinos and gambling. Now they are millionaires, about whom only a deaf person has not heard. Do you want to know their names? Read our article.

Almost all players, when they enter the casino, dream of leaving it as millionaires. However, few people know that winning is based not only on pure luck. After all, winning in land-based or online casinos requires a lot of gaming experience and knowledge.

For gambling experts, winning a casino was not just a dream or an accident, but a reality that they achieved by turning a few dollars into millions.

  • Bill Benter – $ 100,000,000 a year billionaire

The future billionaire studied physics at the university and gained fame as a mathematical genius. After receiving a scientific degree, he decided to use his knowledge to count cards at blackjack tables. After many years of practice, Benter became an experienced player and excelled at blackjack. Thanks to the counting of cards, he almost always won and earned several million. Because of this, he was banned from entering most Las Vegas casinos.

Bill moved to Hong Kong. There he began working on creating a formula that helps predict the result of races. Thus, the world saw the first gaming software to support gambling, as well as its algorithm for predicting winnings at horse races. This program is still considered the most successful.

  • Edward Thorpe – won a total of $ 800,000,000

Edward Thorpe is a professor of mathematics, inventor, best-selling author, hedge fund manager, and gambler.

Born into a poor family that tried to survive at all costs, Edward Thorpe studied hard to get out of poverty. His efforts were not in vain – in 1958 he received a doctorate in mathematics from the University of California. As a mathematics professor with a master’s degree in physics, Thorpe had an above-average intelligence.

He applied his mathematical skills in the casino and began to make huge profits. And if Bill Benter was famous for counting cards, then it is Edward Thorpe who is considered the” father ” of this method. He invented the original system and later used it in real situations. In 1962, Edward wrote the book “Beat The Dealer”, which mathematically proves that you can win at a blackjack casino by counting cards. Then there were other books, but this one became a New York Times bestseller and the first of its kind, which is still considered the main tool in this popular blackjack strategy and inspires many players to win.

Thorpe went further and invented a portable computer that could be carried around in the casino. He developed card counting software using an IBM 704 to improve the chances of players. This technology was used for more than 20 years, but was banned in 1985. In addition, he developed a method of “counting Thorpe” for playing backgammon and bakara. Edward Thorpe is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Eventually, Edward applied his intelligence to the stock market, which helped him get rich in securities and hedge funds.