How to Deposit in Sportybet

Spotybet betting company is among the most popular in Kenya. Moreover, the company’s authority is added by the fact that it is considered one of the oldest offices among the top list. The bookmaker belongs to the Nigerian company Marawin Group and in addition to working in the online space also actively accepts bets in ground offices.

One of the main questions for a beginner is still:

  • What are the ways to top up your account and cash out rules?
  • How to easily and quickly make a deposit to the balance?
  • How many ways are there?
  • Is the commission charged for any method?
  • How soon after the transaction is confirmed will the money be credited to the gaming account?

We will tell you about all this in this article.

Deposit Rules

Similarly as with cash out rules, all deposit rules can be found in Terms and conditions on the website.

New users and experienced cappers are recommended to take into account the following recommendations regarding the replenishment of the account in the bookmaker.

  1. The bookmaker does not charge commissions for account replenishment, however, commissions from banks, mobile operators, payment systems are possible – this factor should be specified by the bettors themselves.
  2. Regardless of the deposit currency, the deposit is converted into the account currency – in some cases, an additional conversion fee may be charged.
  3. The option of depositing and withdrawing funds is available to users who have registered and verified their account. To do this, you need to send scans of your passport, following the instructions on the website.
  4. Determine in advance the most convenient way to withdraw funds, which you use to make a deposit, so that there will be no problems later.
  5. Regardless of the chosen method of account replenishment, funds are credited to the account instantly, so if they have not been received, it is necessary to clarify the reason.
  6. Replenishment of the deposit is carried out around the clock and seven days a week.
  7. You should not inject funds to let them lie down, and then withdraw them back without participating in sports disputes.
  8. In case of replenishment of the account from someone else’s bank card or electronic wallet, the bookmaker can return the funds to the owner.

Deposit replenishment options in Spotybet

A certain amount of money is required to make sports bets. In offline sweepstakes – cash. In the bookmaker’s office – funds in the main account. Considering that the players keep money not only on the bank card, but also in cash, on electronic wallets, the bookmaker gave them the opportunity – replenishment in a convenient way and without commission.

Before depositing, you should register and log in. Go to the website or app and log in. 

To select a payment option, click on the “Top up account” button on any page of the site.

You can top up your account here in different ways:

  • From a bank card.
  • Through electronic wallets.
  • From a mobile phone account.
  • Through payment systems.
  • Through payment terminals.
  • From the online banking cabinet.
  • Prepaid cards.

Please note that the bonus provided by the company to the newly registered participants does not exempt from depositing. Moreover, it must be played under certain conditions. However, this also applies to other promotional and bonus offers.

*The table below details all available withdrawal options with minimum and maximum stake in Sportybet.

TypeDeposit amountTimeCommission fee
Mastercard50 KES – 500.000 KES

VISA50 KES – 500.000 KES

ecoPayz50 KES – 50.000 KES

AstroPay50 KES – 50.000 KES

M-Pesa50 KES – 20.000 KES

Airtel50 KES – 50.000 KES

M-Pesa Online Deposit 50 KES – 20.000 KES


Minimum and Sportybet maximum payout in Kenya

Sportybet minimum stake as a rule here does not depend on the method of replenishment and the payment system. But the highs are different here:

  • Bank cards: from 50 KES to 500.000 KES for a one-time payment;
  • E-wallet: the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 KES, the maximum is 50,000 KES per transfer;
  • M-Pesa offers from 50 KES to 20,000 KES for a one-time payment;

How to Deposit in Sportybet via Bank account

In order to replenish the deposit through the bank, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Fill in all the text fields (bank name, account number and the amount you want to deposit);
  2. Once you have identified this data, click on the ‘CONTRIBUTE’ button to proceed to the next step.
  3. A one-time password will be sent to the phone number. This is done in order to make sure that you are aware of the upcoming deposit to your account. Enter this password and proceed to the next step.
  4. Deposits usually take a few seconds, but sometimes minutes due to network or bank restrictions. To make sure that the deposit has been made, click the “TRANSACTION HISTORY” button and check the information about your deposit. Once you find it, you can move on to betting and betting.

How to Deposit in Sportybet via ATM

This is a very easy way to top up.

To do this, you need:

  1. Go to the ATM, make sure you have inserted your card, and then select the Quickteller option.
  2. Select your account type and the merchant you are paying to.
  3. Enter the Sportybet trade code [04347201].
  4. Enter your registered phone number as a reference number.
  5. Finally, enter the amount you want to deposit. You will receive a message to your mobile phone number confirming the success of the transaction.

How to Deposit in Sportybet using a USSD code

You can also top up your account using mobile operators.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Type *322*1*0434720* Amount#.
  2. Register your phone number in Sportybet.
  3. Select the payment method you need from the list provided.
  4. Enter your bank’s Personal Identification Number (PIN) and click send

You will receive a message confirming the successful payment to your mobile phone number.

How to Deposit in Sportybet with a Bank Card

In order to top up at least the Sportybet minimum stake via a bank card, you must:

  1. Enter your ATM card number and the amount you want to deposit in the text fields provided, your CVV and the expiration date of your ATM card.
  2. After accurately entering this data, click the “ENTER” button.
  3. A PIN code will be sent to your mobile phone number. Enter the code on request and send it later.

It is important to double check your transaction history to confirm the deposit before proceeding to betting.

How to Deposit in Sportybet via E-wallets

In the age of the Internet, electronic wallets have become a familiar way of sending and receiving payments.

In order to replenish the account using electronic payment wallets, it is necessary.

  1. Click The “Top Up” Button.
  2. Select the Type of payment – “Electronic wallets”.
  3. The pop-up window for different systems is slightly different. But the principle is the same. Enter the amount, phone number, sometimes make a choice of the transfer option.
  4. Click on the “Confirm” button.
  5. A new window will open that will redirect you to the official website of the electronic payment system. You need to log in here. Next, you confirm the operation using a combination of numbers or letters.

How to Deposit in Sportybet via the mobile app

First of all, the player needs to download Spotybet Apk on the official website and install the program on his smartphone.

By itself, the bookmaker program for Android and iOS has a slightly different interface than the mobile version of the site. There, the balance is displayed at the top right immediately after authorization (the login button is also initially located in the upper right corner). You need to tap on it, after which a list of available methods will appear.

In order to top up your account using the Sportybet Kenya app, you must.

  1. Click The “Top Up” Button.
  2. Select the Type of payment.
  3. The pop-up window for different systems is slightly different. But the principle is the same. Enter the amount, phone number, sometimes make a choice of the transfer option.
  4. Click on the “Confirm” button.

What problems can there be with adding funds to your account

Usually it turns out to top up the account without any problems. At least, they do not arise from the company’s side. But a bank or other money storage system may have, for example, technical work, license problems, website problems and other temporary phenomena. The support service will inform you about this.

Most often, the following are among the possible problems that arise when making a deposit to a gaming account:

  1. There were not enough funds on the bank card account, electronic wallet to deposit the specified amount to the balance.
  2. The user has not passed the account verification, so making a deposit is temporarily unavailable.
  3. There have been technical failures in the operation of payment services.


To be able to top up their Spotybet account, players need to register and log in. The deposit function is available in your personal account in the “Account Replenishment” tab.

Deposit methods are divided into several groups – bank cards, electronic wallets, and online banking and payment terminals. The mechanism for creating an application is the same in all cases – you need to choose a method, specify the amount for replenishment and enter the details, then confirm the transaction.

In general, the process of depositing in Spotybet is simple and convenient.


What is the minimum amount to top up your account?

Sportybet minimum stake is 50 KES.

From which payment systems can I top up my account?

Depending on the geo-location and legislation of countries, there are the following methods: bank cards, electronic wallets, international payment systems, Internet banking, prepaid cards, cash.

How to Deposit in Sportybet without commission?

There is no commission charged by the bookmaker, this applies to all payment methods. However, when replenishing, the commission may be withheld by the payment system.

How to deposit Sportybet minimum stake on Android?

In order to top up your gaming account through the Android app, you need to download Spotybet Apk and log in to it. Then go to your personal account, where you should select the “Top up your account” section. Next, you will need to specify the method of replenishment, enter the amount and click on the confirmation button.

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