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Football in Kenya

Football is the most popular ball game on the planet. It attracts the eyes of millions of fans, and a large army of fans follows current events.

Interest in football has developed among Africans since the time when the colonialists “brought” their culture and customs. It is thanks to the French that the Africans have embraced football with every fiber of their being.

History of Kenyan football

Football fascinated, and captured, the inhabitants of Africa in the 1800s. Unlike other sports, football requires minimal resources to organize the game, and for this reason it is particularly popular in Kenya.

The spread of African football clubs began more than 50 years ago and since then the number of professional football leagues has been growing. Today, there are many local, as well as regional and continental football leagues. The national teams of the countries participate in the AFCON Confederations Cup, as well as in the African Champions League.

More than 100 players from various African teams play in the First division leagues in Europe, the United States and South America.

But only after gaining independence, many athletes got the opportunity to represent their country on the international stage.

Today, the African continent brings the most players to the world of football, because it is after the CAEN Championship that young African football players sign lucrative contracts with famous FIFA football clubs and leave their native Africa.

Kenya national football team

The Kenya national football team represents their country in international football tournaments and in friendly matches.

The national team of Kenya is one of the leaders of African football at the beginning of the XXI century. Since the qualifying campaign for the 1970 World Cup, Kenyans have tried many times to qualify for the main football forum of the planet, but all their attempts have ended in vain. And only the eighth qualifying campaign for the 2002 World Cup brought success.

Features of football betting

In Kenya, football is something of a religion. And there is no such person who will dispute this fact.  For the same reason, football is the most popular sport among betting enthusiasts.

Among the many events, you can find not only top championships or major international tournaments, but also competitions with a much lower rank.  At meetings within the framework of major international tournaments or central matches of the leading championships, the painting sometimes takes up several pages in the line of not only popular, but also little-known bookmakers.

Kenyans do not hide the fact that they are active fans of sports and football in particular. Locals bet every day if there is money or return immediately after they appear. Everyone bets small amounts due to not having a very high standard of living, but every month Kenyans bet a total of millions of dollars.

At the same time, the Kenyans ‘ winnings are only a small part of the total amount.

In fact, the situation is as follows:

The government gets 10% of this money as a tax on bookmakers;
43% remain with bookmakers for expenses and as a profit;
The remaining 25% is the share that players get back if they win.

However, this does not bother anyone at all and does not reduce the popularity of this sport. Football matches are present in the sports calendar all year round. Many games are broadcast not only in online venues, but also on television, providing an opportunity to personally observe the teams that are supposed to bet on.

This is especially helpful when playing live. For each match, detailed statistics and analysis of the actions of the entire team and individual players are kept. The data is posted on the websites of bookmakers and is available to any betterer. With their help, you can study the style of play, tactics; learn the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, which allow you to make a balanced bet based on the conclusions obtained.

Thus, football is a well-known sport in Kenya, which in its popularity surpasses literally all other sports in that country.

At the same time, this sport is easy to analyze, which means it is very profitable for gamblers.

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