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Football in Australia
Football is the favorite game of the southern continent!

Broadcasts of the Australian Football League (AFL) are watched by one in six of its residents and this game is much more popular than rugby and European football.
Features of Australian Football
The rules of Australian football are quite simple: two teams of 18 players each play on an oval field measuring 185×155. The goal is to hit the opponent’s goal. At the same time, with the ball in your hands, you can take a maximum of 10 steps, after which you need to pass or hit the ball on the ground (just like in basketball). The goal is double: more (for a goal — 1 point) and less (for a goal — 6 points).
Australian football is very entertaining
If a boring European football match is not uncommon, then in the AFL everything is different. The speed and aggression inherent in Australian football guarantees a fun viewing experience for almost any game.

In addition, to maintain the level of entertainment, the league regularly changes the rules.
“When two teams decide to defend at all costs, and the weather is bad, the match can really turn out slower than usual. Even so, it’s unlikely to be boring — especially if you watch it live. Australian football is played on a big field, there is always a lot of space, you can see everything that happens, and it’s beautiful,” — says McCormack.
Australian football is aggressive
If you like displays of healthy sporting brutality, you should definitely pay attention to Australian football.

To the injured, the game is also merciless and stops the match only if the player cannot get up, or the ball has returned to the area where it lies.

It is also worth noting that Australian football does not simulate

The game is designed so that the simulation does not give any advantage.
“When I watch European football, I understand: if I were a coach, I would ask the players to simulate. There is almost no risk, and the advantages are obvious. In Australian football, no one will give you a free pass for nothing,” — Ben explains.
Australian football is constantly evolving

In Australian football, the rules change all the time — to keep the game entertaining and to reduce the amount of damage. So, more recently, a rule was adopted that protects a player who lowers his head to pick up the ball. This helped to reduce the number of concussions.

Every major change in the rules is a cause for heated debate between those who believe that such changes are good for the game, and those who are sure that Australian football used to be better.
Bets on Australian Football
Naturally, football on the southern continent is not just a popular sport, but also a fairly popular category in the world of betting.

Every year, avid players “drain” on football bets a total of up to 100,000,000 AUD. I want to note that this is the total amount of football bets only.

Bets on classic Australian football are accepted here not only by all the top betting companies, but also by little-known offices, offering a lot of markets and quite high coefficients for this sport.

Thus, football has turned from a gambling hobby of millions into a good additional source of income for most Australians.