A review of the match “Liverpool” — “Tottenham” — 2:1

On December 17, Tottenham attacked better than Liverpool in the second half!
Finally a great match in the Premier League. Both teams are fine, but Klopp’s permutations have worked. Read more about this match in our article.

Tottenham attacked better than Liverpool in the second half, but the match ended 2-1.

The main match of mid-wick did not start with the starting whistle, but a day earlier. Back on Tuesday, at a press conference on the eve of the match, Jose Mourinho put on a show: he listed all the injured Liverpool players and gave his assessment of each case separately. A veiled attack on Jurgen Klopp, who once again complained about the impossible calendar. Jose turned out that a serious loss is only an injury to van Dijk, otherwise only the rotation players are missing, and the base is ready to play.

Jose Mourinho

“I can also give you a list. We have 10 injured players, two in the under-16 team, and two in the youth team… “

Perhaps the message of Jose was that in fact the teams meet almost in the strongest line-UPS (minus van Dijk at Liverpool and Lamela at Tottenham), that is, the current situation is no different from any other normal season.  Everyone is playing. Trent was unlikely to have time to get in shape after the injury, but there are no alternatives.

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For the entire first half, Tottenham made only 44 passes in the other half of the field and only three deliveries in the penalty area. The counterattacks did not pass, because Liverpool reacted very powerfully to losses and immediately returned the ball. Mourinho even moved away from his eternal 4-2-3-1 formation. This scheme is a Convention, since the team without the ball is still rebuilt to 4-4-2.

Son Heung-Min’s goal is Tottenham’s only goal of the half. It is clear that Mourinho expected to give the ball and territory, but it is unlikely that he planned such a total lack of counterplay.

In the second half, Mourinho released Moura instead of Lo Celso: the Brazilian took a place on the right flank of midfield, and Sissoko went to the center and thus again ceased to be responsible for the jerks of Jones.

In General, in the second half, Tottenham kept Liverpool away from their own goal most of the time. In the first half, it was the hosts who dictated the pace: constantly in possession of the ball, alternating periods of pressure with pauses when resting with the ball.

After the break, the pace was not controlled by anyone. Liverpool’s plan of counter pressing and shifting Jones in search of space in the second half worked worse, but it was he who still brought the team the best moment.

Henderson has won the rebound and immediately passed the ball to Jones. He went to the center to get rid of Moura, and found himself alone. The cross-pass on mane was read, but everything was done at the highest level: both the transfer and the opening of mane, which for a second went into the blind zone of Aurier and started from there. So, the moment ended with a dangerous blow.

But in General, the game was smooth and not particularly interesting. Klopp did not make a single substitution in the match – an indirect hint that he has no one to play with. Naby Keita was supposed to come out in the final seconds, but he didn’t make it. So against the background of all the problems, Liverpool came out on top. Even if you are lucky in some ways, the team’s efforts are admirable. First place – on the case. And Tottenham showed with the game that they can even claim the championship.

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