Chelsea gave 80,000,000 pounds for a player who has no place on the pitch

Chelsea has had a great start to the season, but Haverz is not worth 80,000,000 pounds. Read more in our article.

After the 12th round of the championship, Chelsea is three points behind the Premier League leaders. If not for the draw with West Brom with an overwhelming advantage, it would have been one point at all. Of course, the standings at the start of the season are abnormally tight, but this is a very good start anyway.

This is not a big surprise. FC Chelsea finished last season in fourth place, and in the off-season strengthened the best in the Premier League were strengthened all the lines. The only question was the speed of adaptation of such a large number of newcomers.

With adaptation in General, everything is different. Edouard Mendy repeated Petr Cech’s achievement of not conceding in the first three rounds after the switch, and in November Frank Lampard called it perfect. Ben Chillwell has scored two goals and two assists in nine games – a top score for a fullback. Timo Werner is incredibly active, but picked up Tammy Abraham’s implementation problems. At least it can be used in two positions. Hakim Ziyech was initially recovered from a knee injury, but as soon as started to be published regularly from the first minute, “Chelsea” has become difficult to imagine without him. Thiago Silva has done better than all his defensive partners, especially Kurt Zouma.

Proved, and Peter Bosch.

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As an offensive player, he aims to create zones when his team is with the ball, and to select when the team is without the ball. In the segments when you need to sit in the positional defense, he drops out, because he simply does not have the appropriate skill.

It is also worth noting that now Chelsea have a problem with wingers. Ziesch and Hudson-Odoi are injured, while Pulisic suffered a micro-injury just before the match against Everton. Lampard actually has two equal squads, but losing three wingers at once is still too much.

It is clear that we have to rely on Werner and Havertz, although for both the role of winger is not a profile one. It makes it easier for Chelsea to attack, but it seems like the only possible option. And the loss of havertz efficiency is a natural consequence of the problem.

Lampard has been using him in Central midfield for most of the season. But in the position of winger mount, although it will lose some of its qualities, definitely will give more than Havers.

In General, the interaction of the Mount with Hovercam looks very promising – you just need to place them closer to each other. As for the width of the attack-here everything is focused on the activity of Chillwell and James. They play all over the edge and in positional attacks reach the front. Besides, they won’t be all alone. All the same, and Werner, and Havers, and the mount will routinely shift to the flank. But it is to shift, and not to be there initially. On paper, this option will solve several problems at once and will become a high-quality backup plan for the future in the event of a new wave of injuries. In practice, see how it all turns out.

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