The crisis of FC “Arsenal” when Arteta – the-record and analysis of the club

If you stare into the abyss for a long time, you can see Arsenal. Why everything is so terrible, read our article.

On the first of November, “Arsenal” defeated “Manchester United” away. This is the last victory of Mikel Arteta in the Premier League: in the next seven rounds, he scored only two points.

The disastrous series has one simple (and incorrect) explanation: a difficult calendar. All matches (against “Tottenham”, “Everton”, “Southampton” and “Wolverhampton”) were against teams from the top half of the table. But the fact is that this does not explain the home defeat by Aston Villa or the home defeat by Burnley.

And away at Leeds (0:0), “Arsenal” played like a small team: they gave the ball away and endured while the opponents besieged the goal and created chances.

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In addition, since the beginning of the season, “Arsenal” have three deletions – no team in the Premier League has removed players more often. Four points clear of the relegation zone, but Burnley have two games to spare.

Last season, under Unai Emery, things were about as bad, but with one important difference. The team tried to play like a big club, had a lot of possession, boldly provoked opponents to pressure and pressured themselves. At the time, it seemed that this gave a certain window of opportunity: if you play more careful football with this unbalanced but cool squad, it should get better. Arteta proved it, but only for a short period of several months – and while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang dragged the team in attack.

Now “Arsenal” no longer that cushion of security in the form of a non-bold of football.

According to current statistics, “Arsenal” is 10th in possession of the ball, 15th in the number of shots, and 8th in the number of shots allowed. According to the PPDA index – 15th. In General, the 15th place in the standings can not be attributed to bad luck or inappropriate style. The team plays like an average player and the results are like an average player. Everything is logical.

Now “Arsenal” has no game, no result, no new ideas. Fortunately, there is no sense that the dressing room is rebelling against the coach (as it was with emery), but in such circumstances it is a matter of time. The circumstances are a consequence of Edu’s work, but his independence from Josh Kroenke is also questionable. But no matter how narrow its corridor of possibilities, it can work better. For example, just take and stop buying older players “Chelsea”.

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