PointsBet Review

Every year, new promising bookmakers appear on the world betting market, offering their clients favorable betting conditions and tempting bonus programs. Today’s review is dedicated to just one of these young bookmakers. So, to your attention PointsBet review.

About bookmaker PointsBet

PointsBet Australia is a young bookmaker, but thanks to a huge number of betting options and profitable promotions, it is already at the very top of the rating. On the one hand, this is due to a wide range of sporting events, and on the other, success was made possible thanks to the company’s innovative and unique bookmaker`s promotions.

PointsBet was born in 2017 and is a completely new bookmaker for the Australian market.

The official bookmaker’s license was issued by the Northern Territory racing Commission. This license guarantees that all bets are legal and supported by the world sports betting regulatory Commission.

The bookmaker is more focused on spread betting, an approach that has been well received by players in the country as a possible entertainment alternative. We will discuss this in particular detail in our review.

This bookmaker is undoubtedly a new alternative for all players in Australia, because it is a completely different concept. One of the main advantages of this bookmaker is the huge number of coupons available for all sports in Australia. No other bookmaker in the country offered so many coupons for national and international sports.

Another important thing is the more than 100 markets available in some major sporting events.

Official website of the bookmaker PointsBet

The sports betting market in Australia is becoming more and more competitive every day, and new participants must constantly come up with something new and original to be able to snatch a piece of the pie. This is what PointsBet does.

The site’s platform is very easy to use. There are absolutely no difficulties in understanding how bids and everything related to the platform work. The site is ideally designed to avoid distractions such as annoying ads and constantly pop-UPS.

Users and players will have no problems finding any features or services on the website. The menu is quite simple, and the search system is very easy to use.

On the main page, players will find the sports events of the day, the most important and with the greatest potential for betting. In the left corner, you can view all events in detail. On the right is a solid coupon for betting on local sports.

The site also has a “name a bet” and “entertainment” tab. All the sports you are looking for, as well as some of the biggest horse racing events, can be found there and in the main PointsBet betting sections.

We can conclude that the official Bookmaker website is really very practical and can even be said to be ideal for beginners in online betting.

PointsBet Sport betting

The main thing that really sets PointsBet apart from others is just a huge selection of betting options. There are dozens of offers even for very average events. And when it comes, for example, to the NBA, their number increases to 200-250. These impressive numbers are in stark contrast to those of other online bookmakers in Australia.

Painting in Bookmaker includes:

  • Regular rates, including long-term rates;
  • Handicaps;
  • Totals;
  • Live;

You can also put a quarter or a period (time) of the match, and the total number of heads, number of corners, goals and other guests. The variety of offers is truly outstanding.

For example, here you can place bets on the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Field hockey
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Soccer (MLS, NFL, Premier League and more)
  • Tennis
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Horse racing
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Dart
  • Callisthenics
  • Rugby

Bets in PointsBet may include:

  • Percentage of hits;
  • Time of the first goal;
  • Points-rebounds-assists;

The exact number of offers may differ for each event.

Plus, there is a very interesting option – the client can tweet their offer, and if it is not yet in the line, the bookmaker will add it

Bookmaker also offers teasers and an additional “Pick Your Own” option that allows players to combine multiple bets.

Live bets

 Live-betting software works without failures and delays. A unique feature of the PointsBet bookmaker is the absence of fixed odds. All potential wins or loses depend on how accurate the forecast was. In practice, it looks like this: a player puts 10 AUD on 234 points in the first series of NBA playoff games. If the total amount is 249 (15 points more), the bet will be increased 15 times. So, the prize will be 150 AUD. But the same applies to losses. If the total amount of points is 220, you will be fined 140 AUD.

Players have the option to use PointsBetting until the very end of all overtimes, because only the end result is important here.

Stop Loss

In addition, the player can set a “Stop Loss” before making a bet. Usually it is already set to 50 times the bet, but the player can use the slider and change its value. However, keep in mind that this may limit your possible winnings.

PointsBet Australia Odds

At this bookmaker, bets are placed on margin, and not on regular bets, as in other bookmakers. To understand the details, let’s give an example: if the bet indicates that the team under Australian rules should win by 20 points (-20), then this will be the best, if the team wins the game, the prize will be 5 times more than the bet. This is the same method used for losing bets, but players have the advantage of placing a stop loss to avoid large losses. The better the team selected by the player, the greater the winnings. This is one of the best alternatives to existing traditional bets.

In addition, Bookmaker has an alliance with the best sports organizations in Australia. This commercial alliance allowed the company to gain recognition among users in the country. Associated sports organizations are:

  • Australian football League;
  • Australian Rugby Union;
  • National Rugby League;
  • Cricket Australia;
  • Tennis Australia;
  • Football Federation.

Bets on the spread

Spread betting is a form of wagering that pays out a variable amount depending on the accuracy of the forecast. With a traditional bookmaker, most sports betting will have one of two outcomes: you will either win with a pre-determined coefficient, or you will lose your bet.

However, when betting on spread, the size of the win or loss depends primarily on the margin on which you bet the win or loss. The payout is equal to the bet multiplied by the difference between the result and the selected line or total.

The bookmaker will temporarily withhold the amount exceeding the bet from its account until the bet is concluded. This is done to ensure that the player’s account has enough funds to repay the bet in the event of a major loss.

In addition, you can use PointsBet to select the level of risk by setting the maximum amount of winnings and losses (“stop loss”) before placing a bet. The more you limit your minimum loss, the more your maximum win will be limited.

PointsBet Bonus

PointsBet betting company offers a wide range of bonuses.

  • PointsBet welcome bonus

New players can get a refund for their first PointsBet bet and their first fixed odds bet. Each refund is up to 500 AUD (up to 1000 AUD in total).

  • Bid redemption

Make four or more bets and if one of them fails, you will be refunded up to 100 AUD. However, a player can only receive one refund per day. All such Bookmaker payments are made in the form of bonuses, not in cash.

  • Daily boosters

The bookmaker usually offers a couple of dozen of them. The maximum bid is 100 AUD. There is also an increase at noon: the company chooses one bid per day for the increase, which will be available for a limited time (from noon to 15: 00).

  • Early payments

 If you make a bet and your team gets this advantage (two goals in football or hockey, a lead after the third quarter in basketball), then you will get a win, even if everything changes in the final result.

  • Next game bonus

For example, if you guess who will win the next tennis match, you will get a bonus of up to 50 AUD.

  • Money back

Currently only available for MLS games. If you bet on an accurate score in the first half or for the entire game time, and the match ends in a 0-0 draw, you will receive a refund of up to 200 AUD.

  • Cash out

You can buy out a single bet with a fixed coefficient on the pre-match to reduce losses or lock in winnings.

PointsBet promotions

In addition to the extensive bonus program, PointsBet bookmaker offers excellent promotional offers.

  • Seasonal promotions

 PointsBet ‘s seasonal offers can range from a coefficient booster, cash back, and more. Therefore, it is very important not to forget to look at the site to find out exactly what promotions are being held at the moment.

  • Rewards program

Each bet placed receives bettor PointsBet rewards points. By joining the program, you can get:

  • One bonus point for each fixed odds bet of 5 AUD;
  • One bonus point for each bet of 1 AUD;
  • One bonus point for every Australian dollar won or lost when betting points;
  • Daily parlay & player odds booster.

This daily promotion lives up to its name and can change every day. The maximum bid that can be made to buy back this share is 100 AUD.

  • Invited friend:

After you invite a friend to the online betting shop PointsBet and your friend creates a new account and makes a Deposit of 50 AUD or more, you will receive up to 50 AUD bonus money as a reward.

Loyalty program

Every player will also love the fact that PointsBet has a great loyalty program. Players do not need to perform any additional actions. Everyone just gets bonus points for their bets, and recently these points can be converted to cash. The exchange rate is 1000 points for 10 AUD.

PointsBet deposit and withdrawal

PointsBet offers its clients the following Deposit and withdrawal methods:

  • Online banking

If your Bank has an online banking feature, you can use your existing registration information to authorize a PointsBet deposit.

To do this, you must:

  1. Choose this method;
  2. Choose your Bank;
  3. Select the amount to Deposit;
  4. Authorize the transfer by logging in with information about your online Bank.


 In no case do you need to specify your card number or Bank account number until you receive an official email from the PointsBet support service.

  • Mastercard

PointsBet Mastercard offers instant deposits to your account using a virtual debit card. From there, the client can transfer funds to their PointsBet account. In addition, each customer can order a physical PointsBet Mastercard by mail, which can be used for ATM withdrawals and purchases.

  • PayNearMe

Choose this method to top up your account with real money. Each client is given a special barcode that can be sent to a smartphone or email. This barcode can be used in PayNearMe, pay in cash, and the PointsBet account will be credited instantly.

  • ACH / e-Check

In order to top up your account using this method, you need to use a check number, route number, and some money to Deposit. This option is a convenient workaround if your Bank automatically blocks all transactions related to online gambling.

  • PayPal

the most reliable e-wallet in the world, PayPal allows customers to make deposits and receive payments through a Central and secure e-wallet.


PointsBet bookmaker offers two types of registration: full registration and social media registration. If you choose the option with full registration in the registration form – you need to fill in your personal data, create a password, and select a country and currency. When registering via social networks and messengers, you only need to select the account currency, and the rest of the information will be downloaded from the social network account after logging in.

After registration, we recommend that you immediately fill in all the fields in your personal account – up to passport data and registration information, since they are the primary identification of the user by PointsBet.

Without a completed personal account, the bookmaker does not issue a bonus on the first Deposit, and also requires you to perform this operation before the first payment from the account. The bookmaker needs information about passport data in order to check the database that the registered user does not have other PointsBet accounts.

Mandatory verification

Account verification in PointsBet takes place at the request of the security service.

As a rule, such a request can follow after a big win – the bookmaker is in no hurry to part with the money when you can check the user’s data. Also, the verification request will catch up with the bettor if he is suspected of multiaccounting – creating a new account to avoid sanctions (restrictions on limits or coefficients, blocking) on himself or someone from relatives or friends.

The standard request for verification is to send a copy of your passport and a photo with your passport. However, sometimes PointsBet may ask you to send copies of utility bills with an address confirming your registration, card statement, or account screenshots.

Mobile betting

The PointsBet Australia mobile site has a simple but beautiful and recognizable design, as well as easy navigation. Nothing distracts from the main thing – betting. The most popular bids and promotions are displayed in the center of the main page, and everything else can be found in a well-organized menu.

In addition, the bookmaker supports apps for both iOS and Android. But unfortunately PointsBet doesn’t have a Windows phone app.

 Customers can download the PointsBet App directly on the website or in the Play Market or Apple store.

To download the PointsBet Mobile App, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your device has the system requirements required to download the app. You must have the correct operating system, as well as sufficient available memory.
  2. Find the PointsBet App in either the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.
  3. Download the App for free.
  4. Users need to enter their PointsBet username.
  5. Use the PointsBet website to make sure that you qualify for all app-related bonus offers or PointsBet promo codes that may be active.
  6. Now that you are logged in with your account, you can use the app the same way you would use a desktop site.

The main advantages of PointsBet Mobile App are:

  • Loading takes up minimal space: as you can see from other online betting providers, mobile apps can take up a lot of memory space to load, especially when they contain so many features. The bookmaker App takes up just 10 MB of space, leaving players with enough memory on their devices.
  • iOS and Android availability: Bookmaker has an app to meet all your needs. Players can download the iOS version or the Android version. This means that players will not be disappointed by the presence of an incompatible device.
  • Bids are processed quickly: many other mobile apps take a long time to actually process bids. What’s even more frustrating if the Internet connection of the player is interrupted during the process of placing a bet, it can fail. This won’t happen with PointsBet because of the fast data processing system.
  • Mobile promotions: promotions in the mobile app are completely similar to those in the full version of the site.

Mobile Version PointsBet

The mobile version of the online bookmaker is able to keep users up to date with sports events, as well as events that users have placed bets on. Users can view the website using the selected mobile browser.

Mobile PointsBet App features

The mobile App includes all the functionality of the full version of the PointsBet website, such as:

  • Personal account

In the personal account, registered users can find out reference information, change settings, upload documents necessary for identification, and view the transaction history for the game account. There is a betting history that can be filtered by time and sport.

  • Rates

PointsBet Australia accepts bets on 30 sports, as well as non-sporting events such as political elections, song contests, and global social events.

The line list includes both main outcomes and additional ones in the form of individual and team totals, as well as bets on statistical indicators.

To place a bid in the App, you need to:

  1. Choose a sport;
  2. Select an event and market;
  3. The receipt enter the amount, and confirm it.
  • Broadcasts

For players from Australia, the “Live broadcasts” and Live-betting section is available in the app.

Differences between a Mobile App and a Mobile Site

Like Mobile Apps, you can place bets on the Mobile Version of PointsBet. One of the key differences is the speed of work. For example, it is faster to place bets on events using the app, because you do not depend on the browser to access this platform.

In addition, since the app is installed separately on your phone, there are also fewer lags.

Customer support service

The bookmaker offers players a whole library (FAQ) with all the topics related to the service, questions and answers to all the doubts that players have, especially for those who do not understand the betting spread.

In the same help section inside the library, users can get acquainted with everything related to the terms and conditions, payments, deposits, and much more.

There are several ways of the PointsBet contact team

  • PointsBet e-mail

 This is probably the slowest method of all, as the response time varies from 40 minutes to several hours. You can PointsBet contact us using support@pointsbet.com.

  • Live chat

 This is undoubtedly the fastest response method that users can access to get help. PointsBet’s live chat service is available 24/7, but customer support agents will only be able to help during designated hours.

  • Hotline

 The PointsBet phone line listed on the site links to a Skype account. PointsBet contact numberis 13-72-38. The average waiting time is between 5 minutes and 20 minutes.

  • FAQ

Also, the comfort of staying in a gaming institution is supported by the presence of a section of popular questions and answers, which will help you, deal with the problem yourself.


PointsBet betting company works online so that you get up-to-date information about the outcome of the competition!

A huge selection of types and types of bets offered on the site allows everyone to meet their own forecast!

But the main advantage of the PointsBet betting company is that it provides a unique opportunity to make a live bet for everyone. This method of betting significantly increases the chances of winning and significantly increases the interest in sports.

Reliable online betting company PointsBet creates all conditions for long-term cooperation with each client — an individual approach taking into account the interests of the player, convenient payment methods, and most importantly-a one-hundred-percent guarantee of payment of each bet! May your luck never leave you!


5.0 rating